We keep it simple. Our all day restaurant uses the finest West Country produce. Eat al fresco in the Market Place or enjoy the relaxed experience in our dining room with the best views of the square.
Opening Hours

Monday 9.00am to Weds – 9.00am to 6.00pm
Thur to Sat – 9.00am to 10.00pm
Sun – 10am to 4.00pm


Garlic and herb infused olives   3

Salted almonds   2.5

Anchovies 3

Crisps   1.5

Bread and olive oil   2.75

Light Bites

Smoked salmon board   8.5

served with fresh crusty artisan bread

Smoked chicken breast   8

on mixed leaves with balsamic onions and crusty bread

Duck liver pate  6.95

on a bed of leaves with sourdough bread

Smoked trout pate   8.5

with local bread and crackers

Bruschetta plate (3 pieces)   11.25

tomato, crab meat and smoked salmon

Hummus and spicy bean crush   7.5

seasoned with fresh coriander and paprika 

served with crudités’, breads and sourdough crackers

Cheese board   9.9

three cheeses with chutney, seasonal garnish,

bread and sourdough crackers

Charcuterie board   9

selection of cold cured meats with chutney, seasonal garnish,

bread and sourdough crackers

BISHOP’S WINTER WARMER served with artisan sourdough bread

British beef stew,

Slow cooked, root veg, potato with Rioja, fresh herbs and a hint of garlic CL. C. BA. F. W.

Chicken casserole, 

cooked with vegetables, white wine, herbs and potatoes CL. C. BA. F. SO. crusty bread

Vegetable hotpot, 

Chunky veg and chickpeas gently simmered, with tomatoes, garlic, spices and herbs CL. C. BA. F. SO.

The Bishop’s Board

sharing for two 21 – main for one 11.5

Charcuterie and cheese board

served with chutney, seasonal garnish, breads, sourdough crackers and charcuterie selection, three cheeses for two – two cheeses and one with paté (ask for options)

Smoked fish board

salmon, trout, mackerel, mixed leaves, crème fresh, fresh dill and crusty bread

Vegetarian board   sharing for two 18.5 – main for one 9.75

served with hummus, spicy bean crush and a selection of seasonal vegetables, artichokes, sun-dried tomatoes, chutney, balsamic onions, breads and sourdough crackers – three cheeses for two – two cheeses for one

Baked Somerset Camembert   15

with rosemary and garlic, served with bread and crackers

Cheese Selection

Bruton Brie

Made with Guernsey milk from the Hur-dlebrook herd. The cheese maestro’s at White Lake have created this amazingly creamy brie named after the nearby town. With a soft textured golden centre, it has a creamy depth of flavour that lasts.

C. P. V.

Little Shee

This is a soft white cheese with a bloomy rind.

Made in the style of a brie or Camembert this Ewe’s milk cheese will soften as it ripens.

Little She has a mild flavour becoming more pronounced as the rind becomes more colourful with age.

E. UP. V.


Very versatile when it comes to pairings. Good West Country Cider is a good choice owing to the flavours brought out by washing, but white wines and hoppy beers also work very well with this cheese.

C. P. V.


Tor is a beautifully crafted fresh lactic goat’s cheese and formed in a pyramid shape, compresses in texture.

Tor has a unique geotrichum rind and dusted with ash to add a very subtle peppery undertone along with a combination of lemony flavours and a typical goat’s cheese tang.

G. UP. V.

Montgomery Cheddar

Matured wrapped in muslin cloth on wooden shelves, it is the epitome of traditional, handmade, unpasteurised Somerset cheddar.

Its deep, rich, nutty flavours have won world-wide acclaim and will continue to do so under the pride and attention of the Montgomery Family.

C. UP.

Bishop’s Eye Blue

Made to a special recipe Bishop’s Eye Blue is matured for longer and the result, a classic Blue Cheese with rich, complex flavours and a piquant creamy finish.

C. P. V.

O. Organic – UP. Unpasteurised – P. Pasteurised – V. Vegetarian VG. Vegan – GF. Gluten Free – C. Cow – G. Goat – E. Ewes Milk

please let us know about any allergies and dietary requirements